Vinyl Siding Clips: Your Loose Siding Fix

Master Key Loose Siding Fasteners are a super simple patented solution for loose siding on your home or manufactured housing that you can install yourself in just minutes!

Protect Your Home with Siding Clips

Our vinyl siding fasteners are a hidden, rust resistant clip, that help secure areas of loose vinyl siding. Siding can become loose due to weather, age, settling, poor installation or after the move of a manufactured home. No matter the cause, our hidden fasteners can help fix loose siding.

No caulk,
no nails,
no screws,
no problem!

Customer feedback says it all, our siding clips are easy to use and can be installed quickly in a few minutes. Master Key Loose Siding Fasteners come in affordable variable numbered packs shipped to your home immediately. Tap here to start your order now!


No tools required
for installation!

Patented & Fool-Proof

Made in Michigan

A state with a proud history of innovation and hard work.


Easy to use

No special skills, tools, or material to install.


US Patented #10961717

 Only product of its kind.


Low cost and affordable, Master Key Loose Siding Fasteners work great for the Do-it-Yourselfer!


The patented Master Key Loose Siding Fastener is a hidden aluminum rust-resistant clip that helps secure areas of vinyl siding which easily become loose and unlocked. Our vinyl siding hooks can quickly shore up these loose connections.

The Master Key Loose Siding Fastener is simple to install, requiring no nails, screws, or caulk. Need some help? Click here for installation instructions! Master Key Loose Siding Fasteners provides a long-term, aesthetically pleasing solution for areas of loose vinyl siding. A simple, affordable alternative to hiring an unreliable, expensive contractor. Ideal for manufactured homes with problem areas of loose siding.

Recommended spacing for the fasteners is approximately 7 inches apart.

Download the Installation Instructions PDF


America's # 1 solution for
vinyl siding

 How many fasteners do you need?

Feet of loose siding

Number of fasteners needed

"I just got done repairing loose siding with the fasteners and they were a real lifesaver for me. Real easy to install and did the job"
- Sherwin
"The fasteners work perfectly. I’ve lived with siding popping off for 3 years and this product fixed my issue"
- Kenneth
"I used 4 fasteners to fix a piece of siding before 50 mph winds hit. Everything seemed to hold just fine"
- Phil

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Master Key Loose
Siding Fasteners

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